Indoor cycling classes are all the rage in Hong Kong lately. It’s not just the lively themed-classes or the fun of meeting people that draw fitness enthusiasts to cycle, but the results of having taut shapely legs. Indoor cycling, also known as spinning, isn’t simply riding a bike. The anaerobic exercise helps improve your heart rate, burn calories and strengthen your legs for stronger glutes and calves.

If you’re in search of the best cycling class in Hong Kong, check out our top 5 recommended classes.

Fitness First RPM indoor cycling class

1. Cycle-Switch

Torq in Central provides the Cycle-Switch class that alternate between cycling and high intensity circuit training. This is the ideal class if you’re for a full-body strengthening workout.

2. Music-themed classes

XYZ offers music-themed classes in a dimly lit room that it feels like you’re spinning in a club instead of working up a sweat. This is a good class if you’re a beginner and looking to have a lot of fun.

3. Spin + Core

The Spin Room offers classes for those who are experienced and looking for an intense workout. The Spin + Core class combined lower-body workouts with core mat training.

spin & core cycling workout class

4. RealRyder

The RealRyder class at Pure Fitness offers a unique cycling experience that brings you on a journey through three planes of motion for a realistic experience. Classes here are choreographed to get the sweat going.

5. Velocity Workout

The signature Velocity workout at the Velocity Studio is a 30-minute cycling class submerged in a jacuzzi. The added pressure of the water increases the intensity of the workout and leads to stronger and more toned legs.

Cycling is a great option for achieving a cardio and leg workout. Depending on your preference, any of these 5 classes are great ways to try out the indoor cycling trend and begin your journey to obtaining well-sculpted and toned legs.

indoor cycling exercise

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